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1301 East Commerce Street, Greenville Alabama 36037

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Fiberglass & Steel Fabricators

We have fiberglass liners for Chu-01s and also for chutes in HVDs !!!

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Greenville Products Group, Inc. (GPG) is a diversified products & services company. GPG's home office is in Greenville Alabama, and their target market is all of North America. Installation is available on all the products.

Following is the list of items that we manufacture & install for UPS.

 q      Drives, Tails, Diverters, Noseovers, Hitches

 q      Metro Conveyors, Platforms

 q      Side Pans, Intermediates, Bed-01

 q      All chutes, Liftable chutes, Chu-07 pie relief, steel or fiberglass

 q      All slides including Fiberglass C-slides

 q      All sort bins, including bins not in the standards manual

 q      SYS-09 & SYS-10

 q      Custom roller sections

 q      Take ups, Transfer plates

 q      Supports

 q      GAT-01, All guards

 q      HVD, LVD

 q      Irregular carts (IRR-09)

 q      Air Dock (Air-01)

 q      All Bases (Bas-01 to 06),

 q      Stairs & ladders

 q      Handrails

 q      Any Custom Metal or Fiberglass work

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You may direct your inquiries to Clarence Otto, Plant Manager
(334) 382-9000

Regular hours of Operation: 7 AM to 4 PM (Central Standard Time) Monday through Friday.